Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the frequently asked questions and don't hesitate to contact Certification Aid in case of any further questions.

Preparation Material

How often do you update preparation material?
Certification Aid makes an effort to update study guides and practice exams. However, due to frequent Salesforce releases and changing certification requirements, it cannot be guaranteed that preparation material is always up-to-date. Each study guide and practice exam is linked to a specific Salesforce version, indicated in the preparation material.
Do practice exams contain actual certification exam questions?
No, practice exam questions provided by Certification Aid are not related to Salesforce certification exam questions. Practice exam questions are mock questions to test the understanding of study guide content. They alone are not intended to sufficiently prepare for certification exams.
How can I access premium preparation material?
You can access the premium material a certification by purchasing a premium plan. Different premium plans are offered for each certification. A separate plan is required to access premium material of different certifications.
Can I download or print prepration material?
No, the usage license granted to you only allows you to view preparation material on the website of Certification Aid. You may not permanently store materials whether in electronic or printed format.


How can I purchase a premium plan?
You can purchase premium plans after you registered a free Certification Aid account. You can pay by credit card and receive access immediately after payment.
How long can I access premium material?
You can access premium material immediately after payment. The access duration depends on the premium plan you purchased.
How can I get a receipt for my purchase?
After you purchased a premium plan, you can request a receipt from the third-party payment provider. Please contact Certification Aid request a payment receipt.
How often will my credit card get charged?
Your credit card will only be charged one time for each purchase. Premium plans are not renewed automatically to avoid unforeseen costs. Please manually purchase a new premium plan if your existing plan expired.
How can I get refunded for my purchase?
Certification Aid generally does not refund purchases. Please refer to the terms of service and contact Certification Aid in case of any questions.
How can I bulk order premium plans for my team?
You can request a quote if you plan to purchase premium plans for more than five users. Please contact Certification Aid and specify the number of users and premium plans.


How safe is my credit card information?
Your credit card information is never stored by Certification Aid. All payments are handled by a secure third-party provider. Please refer to the privacy policy and cookie policy for more information.
How can I delete my account?
You can delete your account in your account settings. Account terminations are final and premium plans related to deleted accounts cannot be restored or refunded.

Certification Aid

How can I contact Certification Aid?
You can contact Certification Aid via the contact form.