Certification Aid offers reviewed study guides and practice exams, which are linked to learning objectives in Salesforce exam outlines.

The learning objectives for each Salesforce certification are described in exam outlines. However, those objectives are not directly linked to relevant learning material. It can be time-consuming to find relevant information in trailheads, help articles, implementation guides, and other documentation.

Study Guides

Certification Aid study guides are structured according to exam outlines and summarize each learning objective of a certification. Some objectives are accessible for free, and others require a premium plan to be accessed.

  • Exam guide structure.
  • Each objective summarized.
  • Integrated practice questions.
  • References for further reading.
  • Integrated comments feature.

Practice Exams

Certification Aid practice exams contain reviewed questions and answers to test learning progress. Each question is linked to a certification objective, and can can be access from the practice exam and the study guide.

  • Reviewed mock questions.
  • Questions linked to objectives.
  • Random question order.
  • Question marking feature.
  • Result filtering feature.

Premium Plans

Certification Aid premium plans provide access to all study guide objectives and practice exam questions. Different premium plans are offered for each certification, with different access durations and prices.

  • Access all study guide objectives.
  • Access all practice exam questions.
  • Different plans per certification.
  • Secure credit card payment.
  • Immediate access provisioning.